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in a quiet side-street from corso buenos aires, a minimalist-looking and almost invisible joint which somehow manages to catch your eye. this magic place is bierfabrik, a cozy pub with dim lights, exposed brickwork and a mixture of jazz and rock music on the background.

as stated by its name, bierfabrik will only offer you craft beers, i would say a good dozen, from different places around the world. do not hesitate to ask the staff to tell you more about their offer, they are extremely dedicated and knowledgeable and can also make you taste some beer shots for you to decide!

recommended: white out, a white ipa from cromarty, scotland; and cuvée extra brut ipa from carrobiolo, italy.

you will be served your beer with chips, and if you are lucky as we were, you might even get some other appetizers like small eggplant frittata bites ;)

don’t miss this little gem!