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Croatia on the UP!

Croatia on the UP!


August 10th-20th, 2017


Road trip by boyfriend's ecoUP!


10/08 Milan - Trieste

11/08 Trieste - Pag

13/08 Pag - Split & islands

16/08 Split - Dubrovnik & whereabouts

19/08 Dubrovnik - Split & the never ending journey to Ancona

20/08 Ancona - Milan


Mara & Peppe, a couple of Italian backpackers randomly met at the most southern point of Croatia, with whom we shared a chat, a swim and a beer at sunset.

The bartender, who offered us that beer and some tasty Dalmatian pršut.


Paški Sir - probably the most renowned Croatian artisan sheep cheese, originating from the  island of Pag. It has a strong, salty flavor, due to the intensely salty (and limited in output) milk by the paska ovca breed. Pag is probably the most indented island in the Adriatic, and its most resilient and aromatic vegetation turns to be extremely salty because of the Bora that blows and eventually falls onto it.

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Putokazi - according to Google Translator, "signposts". We stumbled upon this word in Split, as it was the name of a travel agency. Just because it sounds quite funny in Italian.


Rotolando Verso Sud, by Negrita - and that's exactly what we did. Plus, it's one of  the most perfect road trip songs ever!